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  • Do You Know Your TAM?

    Who are your customers? Do you have clear personas? Do you know how many there are of them? What I can tell you is that if you’re not well positioned in a market, you’re going to struggle to go after the right customers from the start. So today I want to teach you about ‘Swag […]

  • Why You Should Hire a Marketing Data Scientist

    Why You Should Hire a Marketing Data Scientist

    Most marketing teams are leaving a lot of money on the table by not leveragaing a Marketing Data Scientist. According to Sitecore, the average US brand collects eight pieces of data per user, ranging from address to behavioural insights. Brands are collecting an extensive amount of data at various stages of the customer journey. Data […]

  • Marketing is Way Easier When You Know Your Audience

    I want to show you what the simplest way to think about your marketing is. When you know this it will make it all the easier to do what you intend to do with any sort of marketing. Marketing is creating need. Creating need will help you position your business in a market and to […]

  • I’m Dumping CLV

    I’ve been tired of how much effort I have to go to to make a useful CLV model. Then to top it off nobody bloody uses it in their decision-making. The original idea of CLV (customer lifetime value) is to maximise the amount of marketing spend you should use in your budget. It’s great in […]

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