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Short Bio

Reed Iredale is MBA-dropout turned UX designer who helps ecommerce businesses double their revenue through conversion, design and economics, he’s won design awards and ran design teams.

Sample Questions for Reed

  • What’s Customer-Centred Design about?
  • Why would someone hire a UX/CRO expert?
  • Why do you not work in-house?
  • What is a good conversion-rate?
  • Do you work alongside design teams?
  • You are a fan of AI and how it impacts UX, do you care to elaborate?

Facts about me

  • I have designed for over 200 businesses
  • I’ve been doing value-pricing since 2012
  • I grew up in Byron Bay and Mission Beach
  • I was a Junior Accountant before a designer and think designers need more business skills
  • I surfed 12-foot Tallows – my leash broke and I nearly drowned.
  • I love Newcastle United and Brisbane Broncos

If you’d like to book me, email your pitch to me at and we’ll set up a date.


Physical Location

Brisbane, Australia


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