I’d like to guest on your podcast!

I’m looking for podcast engagements or speaking engagements! I have professional gear, I show up on time, and I’m full of great anecdotes about online sales and getting the most out of valuable design outcomes and design thinking.

If you’d like to book me, email your pitch to me at and we’ll set up a date.

Facts about Reed

  • I’ve designed for over 250 businesses and have never made a business go backwards.
  • I’ve been VP of Design at a 9-figure business.
  • I grew up in Byron Bay and Mission Beach (my dad made good choices)
  • I was a Junior Accountant and switched to Design when I designed the companies website I was an apprentice to.
  • I have surfed 12-foot Tallows (my leash broke and I had to swim in)
  • I love Newcastle United and Brisbane Broncos
  • I was interviewed on TV about real estate as a 20-year old surfer kid, and surprised the audience.