Reed Iredale

Behavioural Science for Marketing

Behavioural Science Applied to Marketing

Reed is a consultant, speaker, and trainer.

His work focuses on applying findings from psychology and behavioural science to marketing.

Reed Iredale - Expert in Behavioural Science for Marketing

How I Can Help You

My suite of consulting services is to all marketing teams, in any industry that may require interesting behavioural change.

Boost Conversion Rate

My deepest area of expertise is duplicating advertising capital and maximising dollar in and dollar out by means of conversion.

Reduce Churn

Churn is a huge frustration. Let’s try and keep more customers, and sometimes it’s just worth letting them go.

Increase Willingness to Pay

Pricing is your hugest leverage in profitability, yet the least a mount of time spent (Avg. co. spends 10 hours per year).

Apply Behavioural Science to Pricing and Promotion

Let’s start using some clever tricks in your offers: Guarantees, naming, bonuses, scarcity, urgency etc.


Want me to go and do my own research for you? Companies who do marketing research 10x competitors.


Want to make your team have your very own version of me? I am happy to teach.

Reed changed UX, pricing and some copy and ultimately saved our company, he’s a magician…

Anonymous CEO Pet Food Co.

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