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Aren't You REALLLY Looking for a Designer to Fix Your Sales Problems?

Reed Iredale, Friday 14th December 2018

Don’t worry, it’s OK to think about it that way. You may say you’re looking for help with your website designer...

...but what if your website designer was an accountant before design? Wouldn't that give you an unfair advantage?

Most designers and business owners get it wrong! They base their decisions based on what looks cool instead of on what increases their revenue.

Since 2008 I’ve designed and developed over 200 websites for clients. I know how to positively move numbers on your profit and loss statement with design. The proof is tangible results like the following 187% increase in page value I increased with an AB test...

What would you do with a 187% revenue increase on the value of any page of your store?

It's simple working together and being a likeable designer making pretty pictures, but I want to provide you the best results.

In this case study I let you inside my thinking of how I tested a product page to iterate design and nearly double the value of the page in just 3 weeks.

Case study: how I increased revenue by 187% in 3 weeks
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