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Voice of Customer

I’m currently reading Lean Customer Development. I’ve longed for better ways to track what the main traits of who and what our customers are and I’ve had some great systems in the past. But really at the end of the day, we want to lead the curation of our customer’s tone of voice, not arbitrarily […]


Is Evangelism the Future of Sales?

Are we getting fed up with looking at the exorbitant costs to get customers yet? I know that we should rationalise the opportunity cost every once in a while that’s for sure. But is there a better way? Outcomes that keep us profitable and solvent? I’d say right now evangelism is the only way out […]


They’d Make More Money if They Widened the End of the Tube

I’m teaching my son how to brush his teeth on his own. He’s getting there, we’ve made it a fun game to get more of the brush around the parts of his mouth he’d usually ignore. So when I look at the toothpaste tube I think to myself. If I pitched this brand on how […]

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