The Equation for Selling Anything Online

I find it to be quite foolish to disrespect basic mathematics in online businesses. Also when you seek metrics like CPA's and others you tend to be obsessed with how you're performing based on quantitative metrics.

But I want you to be more strategic and be qualitative. I want you to know your numbers, though people are huge skin bags and have random thought patterns when it comes to buying.

Everything in qualitative marketing and innovation needs this. The experience economy thrives on it and you need to show up and put in the work but here it is.

You need this sales equation to succeed:

(reciprocity + offer) x frequency

Now I took this from Frank Kern and put a twist on it. Frank used 'Goodwill' in place of reciprocity and I think it's definitely more of a reciprocated outcome. Sure you could argue the two, but Dr Robert Cialdini taught me reciprocity in his book 'Influence'.

When I say reciprocity I mean you have to show up and provide value time after time before someone will buy from you. So reciprocating as in you give before you get as the business owner.

You can put and offer in front of someone and it can fall flat with a huge ad spend behind you.

If you show huge value in your marketing efforts, low barrier of entry via transaction cost (an offer they can't refuse) and are show up frequently in the place of your buyers, what else do you need?

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