Revenue-Generating Services for Your Ecommerce Businesss

Forget hourly-billing. I price the same way Uber and commercial airliners price, by pricing on value. My prices change based on supply/demand.

I model McKinsey’s value mantra: “We only undertake projects, to our mutual satisfaction that the price you pay is less than the value we provide.”

Ecommerce Design Strategy

Ecommerce Strategy Retainer

Access at all hours to help with strategic design and business problems.

Roadmapping – no more proposals 😀

Kick things off with a paid Roadmapping session. Where I take your project through the ringer and we price the project and next steps together.

UX Design Audit (Call Pro)

Call Pro. I’ll take a fresh professional look at your designs, determine critical design flaws, and put together an actionable plan for improving your user experience (UI/UX design). You’ll get a 20-40 minute video with a detailed screen-by-screen teardowns of your design.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Design Bedrock – Starts at $100,000/yr

Your ultimate CRO designer in your pocket. 2 customers/yr.

Design Rescue – (Design Bedrock lite)

Using my suite of analytics tools, I’ll find low hanging fruit to optimise your growth, implement fixes, and test on an ongoing basis to continually milk every opportunity.

Store Setup, Theme Design & Other

Custom Design – from $7k

Have a nagging complaint with your current design? I’ve worked with a large number of 8 and 9-figure businesses with outstanding results.

Store Express

Bring your own Theme and I’ll make it look like you spent $16,300.

Design Express

Bring that one page and I’ll update it the same week and get your business back to making the revenue it once was making.

Ways to Pay (enquire within)

  • Value Pricing (above services) – A list of productised services where you can choose a la carte style and I’ll price you up.
  • Revenue Sharing (performance based) – Your business already has sales and I’ll help take it to the next level by taking % of revenue as I go.
  • Surge Pricing – If you need things tomorrow I’ll use Surge Pricing to determine a 1x, 2x or 3x indicator based on the fixed price service to get it done.
  • Subscription Based – You want a traditional retainer? I use different pricing for 6, 7 and 8-figure stores to help do all my services based on access to me, we’ll work in 2-week sprints using agile methodologies.

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