Reed Iredale

Behavioural Science for Marketing

Are You Struggling with Expensive Marketing Problems?

  • Are you struggling to convert?
  • Are you struggling with churn?
  • Are your your offers optimised?
  • Are your prices optimised?
  • Or do you have an isolated incident that requires research or a solution?

Behavioural science used to be social psychology, it is the study of how people behave versus what they claim to. Reed uses his 15 years UX experience to shape creative solutions.

Wouldn’t You Want to Understand Your Customers Better?

Understanding customers is the way to windfall profits. Your customers could be swayed with cheaper initial offerings before your big offering, your pricing could be anchored towards the highest price so all the other chosen offers are selected.

Isn’t this what you want from your marketers?

How a Behavioural Science Project Works

  1. You have a problem, together we’ll identify the challenge
  2. We’ll agree on the value this will create and I’ll send a proposal
  3. Then I’ll draw on my many consulting frameworks and get to work
  4. Finally, I’ll present a solution and roadmap for applying the behaviours
  5. Optionally, I can hang around for the implementation, or not