Design Consulting & Business Consulting

Forget hourly-billing. I price the same way Uber and commercial airliners price, by pricing on value to the customer.

I model McKinsey’s value mantra: “We only undertake projects, to our mutual satisfaction that the price you pay is less than the value we provide.”

Strategy, Design Thinking, UX Strategy & Business Consulting

Reed’s Boutique Consulting – Business Consulting & Monthly Mentorship

Access at all hours to help with business problems and strategy using Agile-based methods (considered the best way to double the value to customers).

Reed’s Roadmap – Let's Learn the Time, Cost, and Value of Your Next Project! 😀

Kick things off with a paid roadmapping session. Where I take your project through the ringer and we price the project and next steps together.

UX/UI Design, Store Setup & Other

Hire Reed for Your Project – Projects start @ $5k

Have a nagging complaint with your current design? I’ve worked with a large number of 8 and 9 figure businesses with outstanding results.

Design Express – Let’s redesign your homepage or optimise your checkout page. It’s basically all my design and strategy lumped into a done-in-a-week product.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Using my suite of analytics tools, I’ll find low hanging fruit to optimise your growth, implement fixes, and test on an ongoing basis to continually milk every opportunity.

Design Rescue – Working month to month, I’ll fix your design without redesigning the whole website to increase sales and revenue.

Google Analytics – I have a productised service to translate your fuzzy analytics into actionable tasks and user stories.

Marketing Automation

Using your email marketing tool of choice (Drip, Active Campaign, ConvertKit, Salesforce etc.) I will build a sales flywheel that cuts costs and improves long term profits.

Personalisation / Marketing UX

With your email platform setup, I can then run different personalised messages on your website to different segments. Show different call to actions to any type of customer once they’ve been surveyed, provide far more value. Fees start @ $1.5k/mon.

Reed’s Ecommerce Ops

Have Shopify problems? Want them sorted out? I’m building the ultimate in productised services for Shopify. Get into my DM’s to be an early adopter below.

Ways to Work and Pay

  • Value Pricing – I’ll price up customised offerings, providing the most amount of value I can bring to the table at the price point tailored to you. If you need it tomorrow it might mean I use a 1x, 2x or 3x multiplier on my price options. eg. Similar to Uber’s method.
  • Revenue Sharing – Your business already has sales and I’ll help take it to the next level by taking % of revenue as I go. Min revenue 8-figures.
  • Retainer Based – You want a traditional retainer? I have 2 types of retainers. 1. Based on access to me and my smarts around design, business (I was an accountant) and marketing automation. 2. Time set aside for implementation each month.
  • Rented Service/Licence – Can’t afford a whole new marketing automation flywheel or custom website? I’ll do the work upfront, you pay it off over time and I can add a management fee on top if need be.
  • Pay What You Want – Have a big enough business to provide an ethical, upfront price? Email me reed@reediredale.
  • Sprints – I play nice with Agile teams. We can price units on your teams scoring cards or how user stories have been scored in Jira. 1pt = $ value I approve.

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