Positioning, There's Money in that Pigeonhole

I've been looking at acquiring online businesses that require positioning.

In a world where people are looking to sell a wide array of SKU's I'm going the other way.

Koala, a low-priced Australian comparative mattress brand to Casper recently added furniture to it's range.

I cringed. Why?

Casper owns 'sleep' in the mind. It's positioning is directly around getting better sleep or improved sleep. It has a night light in it's range.

Koala has pivoted away from modelling Casper in Australia. I think they are going down the path of Fantastic Furniture, a cheap commodified provider with watered-down positioning.

My real problem is that can you come back from being a low-cost provider?

There's money in that pigeon hole for Casper, despite their cost problems. Koala on the other hand, dump your stocks Steve Smith.

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