The Double Edge Sword with Referral Strategies

A peer-referred sale is likely the best marketing you can have. It's free and doesn't require a lot of vetting.

But it comes at a cost of time.

Time you don't have in your business.

So how do you utilise them properly so you aren't wasting time?

Pair your strategy with Google Ads.

Google Ads has a lot of methods to get you an easy way of getting in front of your ideal customer with very little creativity.

Facebook Ads requires you to be very creative, put your face out there and most of you don't have the mojo to do that, and that's fine.

Start with Google Ads Search, address a pain point you fix and roll from there. Adapt your creativity once you see Google Ads work and try one of their other methods.

If you start with a clear ads strategy, have some clear places to do referral asks. See it work a lot better.

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