Data Science for Marketing

Marketing is Way Easier When You Know Your Audience

I want to show you what the simplest way to think about your marketing is. When you know this it will make it all the easier to do what you intend to do with any sort of marketing.

Marketing is creating need.

Creating need will help you position your business in a market and to a certain type of customer.

This customer is a living breathing human who you could target all of your marketing towards. You could have a couple with similar traits. Though just make sure you know them well (personally, yes even better).

Having a ‘who’ makes your positioning strong, paired with a ‘what’ you get a lot more precise in your marketing.

Take me for instance. A designer for everyone is a lot less valuable to ecommerce businesses than me focusing on ecommerce businesses.

And take hair dye brand Fudge in the late 90’s. They marketed to teenagers in school wanting a unique look. Did they use your mum’s ‘Tahiti Brown’ in their line? No, they had bright pinks and purples.

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