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My Favourite Store Load Time and Business Performance Tips

The truth is most of the time people don’t care what your site looks like if the load times are slow. If the information is compelling and it’s friction less to move around you’ve won 80% of the battle. I’ve found that the visual design is best to have adequate spacing, but don’t go over […]

Brand vs Conversion: Tips on Where to Focus

A brands ability to differentiate from it’s competitors is far more valuable then a few small upticks in conversion. I implore designers to have a conversion and measurement practice but I also think a brand manager can do a lot more over time to increase revenue around being different and getting out of obscurity. So […]

Store Positioning: There’s Money in that Pigeonhole

I’ve been looking at acquiring online businesses that require positioning. In a world where people are looking to sell a wide array of SKU’s I’m going the other way. Koala, a low-priced Australian comparative mattress brand to Casper recently added furniture to it’s range. I cringed. Why? Casper owns ‘sleep’ in the mind. It’s positioning […]

Anchoring Your High Priced Product

A customer comes in, they look around, realise the best product you sell is this extravagant and luxury item. It’s a luxury for a reason, like most luxury items it’s not a need. People complain about it being too expensive and you agree. Time goes by and your business stagnates, you’re still getting plenty of […]

Twenty Nineteen

In 2019 I got married and it was the most profitable year yet.