20+ Decision-Making Frameworks Worth Knowing

"I wanted to layout every decision-making framework I know of. I don't use all of these frameworks personally, I think it's wise to pick and choose which suits you though.

The Feynman Technique

To learn anything:

Step 1: Identify a topic Step 2: Try to explain it to a 5-year-old Step 3: Study to fill in knowledge gaps Step 4: Organise, convey, and review

True genius is the ability to simplify, not complicate.

Simple is beautiful.

The Regret Minimisation Framework

The goal is to minimise the number of regrets in life.

When faced with a difficult decision:

(1) Project into the future. (2) Look back on the decision. (3) Ask "Will I regret not doing this?" (4) Act accordingly.

Simple, effective.

The Eisenhower Decision Matrix

Learn the difference between urgent and important.

Place tasks on a 2x2 matrix:

Prioritise, delegate, or delete accordingly.

The 5 Types of Wealth

Money is NOT the only type of wealth.

There are 5 types:

The pursuit of financial wealth can rob you of the others.

Don't let it.

Green Lines vs. Black Lines

Consider this:

Stop focusing on the black lines behind you. Start focusing on all of the green lines before you.

It is a future with immense opportunity.

Parkinson’s Law

Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.

When you establish fixed hours, you find unproductive ways to fill it.

Work more, get less done.

If your goal is to do inspired, creative work, work like a lion instead:

Sprint. Eat. Rest. Repeat.

Local vs. Tourist

When faced with chaos, ask yourself whether you're a local or a tourist.

Tourists flee bad weather. Locals are aware the seasons change.

Play games where you're a local.

Never be a "Stubborn Local”—ignoring evidence that something has fundamentally changed.