Data That Deserves Respect

You’ve been through all the vendors, implemented the CDP, fed the machine with all the data.

The reporting is set up, you’re starting to find insights and the business is starting to implement change.

But there’s one group of individuals that aren’t convinced.

Folks with 20+ years expertise in the field.

​I’ve rarely seen their expertise considered real data.
I’ve seen David C. Baker (The Expert’s Expert) questioned over source of research when discussing his own findings online. What’s David? In his 60’s somewhere?

They’re nervous their ways of working will be changed forever.

I’m convinced it’s wrong to completely give this up in favour of the shiny tools.

The way to keep this group happy is regularly keep their intuition utilised through the decision-making strategy.

Ask them questions, involve them in the data so they are well versed in everything quant-based, so after time they naturally mix their “intuition” with the data to bring a vibrant member to the team.

Do you think you’re not going to listen to David C. Baker’s research if he’s kind enough to talk about it?

Let’s call it “intuition”, and it deserves respect.

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