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Pricing is Underrated

You probably set your pricing and forget about it. Commercial airliners change their pricing 11,000,000 times per day. Uber has an insanely complicated pricing system that takes into account distance, demand and experience. They’re just an app which is an improvement on taxies. What do you sell? And how many different prices should you have?

Reed’s Agreed Pricing

Where most service businesses charge by time, my approach is different. With Reed’s Agreed Pricing (RAP) you’ll know my price before I begin work. No estimates. No ranges. No hourly rates.  Before I talk to you about price, I will listen carefully to you and ask the right questions to understand your needs and how … Read more


Dynamic Pricing for E-commerce Stores

If I have 2000 seats to fill and 400 prices I know I’m missing 1600 prices. Ex-CEO of American Airlines Dynamic Pricing also called Value Pricing let’s you price the customer and not the product. So if you have multiple levers of value behind your product you sell there can be a number of different … Read more


What Happens When You Don’t Offer a High-Priced Option?

When my clients think about pricing, they often get into thinking about offering a price that a number of people would prefer be the number on the tag. What happens is they sell to an average in a segment. This segment is defined by a sole persona, and doesn’t become a perfect fit for anyone. … Read more



The following information is provided as a cut-and-paste resource for conference organisers, media professionals, podcast hosts, and other interested parties. Please feel free to use anything here as-is without checking with me first. If you have additional questions, you can email me directly. Short Bio Reed Iredale is an MBA-dropout turned UX designer and analytics … Read more


Why do DTC businesses only focus on EBITDA?

When I look at the businesses I see with healthy growth and the ability to sell, I see an overwhelming majority based on a value that is tied to number of units sold. Do most CEOs know that they are the head of marketing and does the CMO know they are the head of implementing … Read more


Types of Subscriptions for Your E-Commerce Business

As someone who has value-priced for the past decade, learning of Ron Baker (pricing god) deep-diving into subscriptions or what he calls Value-Pricing 2.0 has boggled my mind these past couple of months. Learning about it I’ve come to terms that John Warrillow had cleared up what types we should be focusing on in his … Read more

Shopify Expert Services

Shopify is arming the rebels. I’ve researched 700 Shopify stores in Australia. And I know who has what it takes to succeed. Most are miss the mark drastically. Imagine beating them, without stress, without thinking about your competitors much at all? On Perry Marshall’s marketing triangle, he states economics, conversion and traffic. I sit on … Read more


My Tips for Better E-Commerce Product Page Design

Having a very clear product offering that displays why someone should buy, what’s included in the offer, who the offer is targeted at with a price point that fits is a customer is the icing on the cake to the ultimate ecommerce store. With that being said it offers the most amount of optimisation tips. … Read more