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Your Website is Down

Whether your website is live or not, if it’s not doing what you want it to do, than I would class that as being ‘down’.

You want your website to be your businesses feedback loop and have each stage mapped out with ease to optimise.

For the past decade we’ve been able to drive people through a choose your own adventure style quiz and do diagnose on site.

Guitar teachers can tell you what you’re doing wrong with you pick technique, dog trainers can fix your Staffy pulling on it’s lead, gardeners can get their soil calibrated for their garden…All without the help of a person on the other end.

So if you’ve got a big ticket item, why not give smaller items to lead them to the promised land instead of dumping them into a huge undertaking.

Most lead generation requires education, give them the answer through a quiz instead and make it obvious.

Take the lead to their promise land. Then chat to the lead on the other end when they know what your magic wand can do for them in detail.

They’ll be more solution aware. And that’s where you can make money, easier.

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