Your UX Design Strategy Is Based on Too Much Emotion

The Oakland A’s were a terrible, awful baseball team in 2001.

They had little money to utilise and were told by the owner of the club that they were unable to compete with the larger clubs.

The GM, Bernie Beane was under pressure to fill some major player gaps. That’s when he found Peter Brand. A quant-based player analyst.

The scouts loathed him because he was too analytical. Bernie and Peter built a team that would statistically win more. Not buy the best ‘talent’ of which was ‘the way things were always done’.

Bernie and Peter won the Western Division in 2002. Despite losing later in the post season. It’s a huge feat in baseball history.

So, when I come at things from a quant-based angle, be aware. I might be coming in to completely beat up on your competitors strategy.

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