Reed's Trusted Advisory Subscription

Access objective advice rapidly and discover the true value of a Trusted Advisor.

What is Reed's Trusted Advisory Subscription?

Reed's Trusted Advisory Subscription provides you with rapid response to any decision, data, and business growth questions you may have.

Why it Matters

Executives today need an objective sounding board to work through questions and challenges without any internal politics or conflicting opinions. Advisory services are the fastest way to deal with challenges today.

How it Works

Provides you with rapid response access on an advisory basis by Zoom, phone, email, text, and, when mutually convenient, face-to-face. This is intended to provide you and an other strategic sounding board when you need it.

All messages and calls will be returned within 3 hours within business hours. If I cannot connect by phone, you will receive options for when we could connect within the next 24 hours. You may get in touch in an emergency beyond these provisions.

What You Get

How Much Will it Cost?

$2,500/mo (minimum contract 3 months)

Does the Guarantee Apply?

Not for Trusted Advisory, sorry. Trusted Advisory is to be used like fire insurance. Great to have around for that unlikely event, but nice to have when you needed.

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