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My Favourite Mobile Store Design Tips

Because nobody is using a laptop except you! Not many people do mobile well but Nike and Warby Parker have pretty streamlined mobile experiences. Mobile is harder to get right than you think. You need to strip it down to it’s simplest form, but in doing so you can also end up with a barebones […]

My Favourite Tips for Product Images

In a place where somebody can’t physically see and touch your product, great product imagery is absolutely key. This is literally the difference between someone buying your product and not. If I only had a small budget I would spend it all on getting good imagery. Ugmonk.com is well known for it’s great product imagery. It […]

My Favourite Store Social Proof Tips

The thing with adding social proof is it has to be genuine. Too many people just shove quotes in and that’s it, but the reality is we know you’ve cherry picked them or even made them up. Let the customers speak for themselves without forcing it too much. Utilise reviews if you can. If you’re […]

My Tips for Better E-Commerce Product Page Design

Having a very clear product offering that displays why someone should buy, what’s included in the offer, who the offer is targeted at with a price point that fits is a customer is the icing on the cake to the ultimate ecommerce store. With that being said it offers the most amount of optimisation tips. […]

My Favourite Store Load Time and Business Performance Tips

The truth is most of the time people don’t care what your site looks like if the load times are slow. If the information is compelling and it’s friction less to move around you’ve won 80% of the battle. I’ve found that the visual design is best to have adequate spacing, but don’t go over […]

[Case Study] Design Express – Designing the Ultimate Sales Page

When Petzyo came to they had a bunch of ideas on where they thought they needed to go. I priced them up and it landed a little off. So I offered up my lower priced, quick engagement to redesign their homepage with my Design Express product. What did Petzyo Look Like Before? Masthead Benefits How […]