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Moving Your Expert Business Forward

Reed Iredale is a marketing consultant for engineers, builders, lawyers, accountants, health practitioners, fitness and hell other marketers. Reed will bring his friends on ad hoc style so a ‘full service’ firm will never be required.

Consulting provides you with hands-on access to your most important projects and initiatives. We can do it remotely or in-person. Done for you, done with you, or oversight. Helping you:

  • Position your brand so that you are the go to firm in your area of expertise that so you can command a price premium.
  • Get you traffic so you have visibility in your market and you can build a funnel to your services.
  • Nurture leads so you have a warmed up outbound list to pitch your offers.
  • Research your customers so you have meaningfully different offers in your market. Firms that research their customer base have a 10x easier path to growth, and usually 2x revenue of their non-researching competitors.
  • Fix your leaky sales funnels so we can see how much it costs to get a customer, and give you the core components to lead-generating website.
  • Translate your data to find patterns so you can remove unnecessary labour with technology. This gives your firm an extra level of profitability.
  • Improve your pricing so that your firm can thrive. The majority of value-based pricing firms outperform firms that use ‘billings’.

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