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Behavioural Science for Marketing

Positioning and Pricing Power

You can be seen to be all things to all people but I’ve never seen it work well.

No PE Firm (private equity) will look at you, it’s harder to be seen as the expert, your business strategy is watered down and it’s pretty hard to write clearly on your topic, leaving you in a tough spot of someone with a job instead of a business.

Positioning fixes all these issues.

So you need to have a clear WHAT or WHO…

  • WHAT = horizontal positioning = What you sell
  • WHO = vertical positioning = Who you sell to

Going after all WHATs and all WHOs together is overkill for your business and I know you want to keep your head on in 2024.

If you have a clear positioning it’s far easier to command a price premium for your work. Giving you pricing power.

As an example my wife pays premium for hair product in her salon because they work best for her as the expert, these are targeted at her and it’s hard for people on the street to get them.

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