2x MRR in Just 90 Days for Australia's Ethical Dog Food Brand | Reed Iredale | Brisbane, Australia

2x MRR in Just 90 Days for Australia’s Ethical Dog Food Brand

See how I helped my friends at Petzyo opened their sales funnel with design, CRO and email automation.

3x MRR in 120 days

2x Email Revenue

Increased CR 230%


Petzyo was at a point where investment was needed to be made in the organisation that takes the successful owner (David) away from wearing multiple hats and into a role where he can, like any good CEO, focus on leading the business effectively.

At this stage his goal is to formulate a team of consultants to optimise the delivery of the main customer touch points of the business.


  1. More effective marketing costs, optimised by design and email automation.
  2. Improved website sales, optimised by design.
  3. Higher re-engagement of current customers through email marketing and implemented sms where applicable. Consulting on other platforms where I see opportunities. 
  4. Improved sales from commercial partners.


  • Advising where I need to based on website current behavioural flows and support queries.
  • Optimised user flow by updating current design and marketing automation where needed in the user journey.
  • Speeding up feedback loops down to 28 days from customer problem, design solution and implemented design.
  • Landing page design templates for basic use and commercial partner use with a pain, dream, fix method.
  • Lowering the barrier to entry for customers with email courses and pitch flywheel.
  • Marketing automation planning.
  • ‘Reed’s very limited design strategy’ for email design.
The product page calculates your dog’s plan and then the objections to bust. We then do intense segmentation in the marketing.
Due to Shopify’s constraints, we decided to build the multi-dog form separately.
Once new subscribers add their plan, we offer to fill their delivery box to maximise profits.
On first order Petzyo loads up on delivering value. Clearly stating add-ons at cart gives a subtle psychology hint at overdelivering.

Before hiring Reed we had been burnt by others over design and were reluctant to jump in to another design project. Reed priced the risk up front so he only got paid his premiums when he performed. We’ve doubled MRR in 90 days.

David, CEO at Petzyo

Take a Look Inside David’s Experience

Klaviyo revenue attributing to email. I started about halfway point #6.
Customer Reviews
Testing customer objectives. My hunch was originally no.2 so I wanted to make certain.

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