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“Should I Ditch My Hourly Rate?”

The majority of people that pursue you will come in through the door and will ask the dreaded ‘What’s your hourly rate?’ question. Hourly billing is often adopted due to normative behaviour, it’s common, it’s easy, and it’s what others in your industry choose because they simply haven’t read any books on pricing. Don’t feel […]


10 Online Lead Generation Techniques for Professional Services

Professional services firms are relatively lazy to adopt online lead generation techniques. They’re lead generation is often clumsy and not directed at the sole purpose of the firm. To get a customer. Many professionals still hold the belief that the only way to generate new clients with lead generation is through referrals and networking. These are great, […]


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Customer Experiences that Double Your Profits

Reed is a Leading Conversion Rate Optimisation Expert CRO is the practice of increasing the % of people who perform a desired action online. Get customers taking action now… Get Lesson #1 → Petzyo 2x MRR in 90 days for Australia’s ethical dog food brand. View → BHP Saving billions by centralising information for 75,000 workers. Hushie A dating […]


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