Marketing Data Science Services

I help marketers improve their decision-making and specialised marketing data science. Whether it’s working on decisions, crafting data strategy, teaching your team to fish, or getting the tech in place to make the decisions required from your data. Projects are tailored and priced to fit unless otherwise stated.

Decision-Making for Marketing Executives

Decision-making services are a tool designed to help individuals and organisations make better, more informed decisions. This type of service typically uses a combination of artificial intelligence, data analysis, and decision-making techniques to provide users with a range of options and recommendations based on their specific needs and goals.

Marketing Data Science

Data Science services help my clients with predictive and/or machine learning modelling, statistical analysis and modelling, data science model deployments, and more.

  • Marketing Mix Modelling – Get your marketing spend right with modelling (Adstock Model for Campaign/Channel Attribution)
  • Customer Segmentation – Throw out your UX teams personas and do it the data-driven way, automated and update when you want.
  • Predictive Analytics (Engagement and Conversion) – Understand drivers behind customer engagement.
  • Predicting CLV – Understand your CLV to maximise your budget without driving internal stakeholders mad.
  • Reduce Churn – Predict the customers at risk of leaving.
  • AB Testing – Testing promotions, visual designs, messaging, all for the betterment of improved marketing.
  • Seasonal Forecasting – Forecast what is likely to happen based on what you’ve done.

Marketing Data Analytics

Data Analytics services help our clients with analysing the data, generating reusable insights, building dashboards, data-driven decision making, and more.

Marketing Advisory

Advisory provides you with access to just-in-time advice and a strategic sounding board when you need it by Zoom, phone, email, text, and when mutually convenient, face-to-face.

Marketing Data Coaching

Coaching provides you with tangible behavioural help, and we can work on adopting your internal best practices, making rapid decisions, and establishing a culture of growth.

Marketing Data Audits

Audits help you diagnose where you’re excelling and where it can get even better. All audits can be done in less than 30 days in-person or virtually.

Marketing Data Training

Training provides your team with strategic ideas, best practices, and cutting-edge tactics. We can do it through keynotes, workshops, and other formats.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Don’t worry. I’ll analyse your challenges and recommend whichever techniques will have the highest impact and lowest effort.

Please be transparent with me, if I can’t see your numbers going up, how will I know if it’s working?

  1. You will contact me on 0421 441 520 or
  2. We will have a call over Zoom (or in person)
  3. If we can get to a proposal there I’ll give you a proposal with options
  4. If you need further clarity we will have a paid Roadmapping Session