Marketing Data Science Expert

Data Science services help my clients with predictive and/or machine learning modelling, statistical analysis and modelling, data science model deployments, and more.

  • Marketing Mix Modelling – Get your marketing spend right with modelling (Adstock Model for Campaign/Channel Attribution)
  • Customer Segmentation – Throw out your UX teams personas and do it the data-driven way, automated and update when you want.
  • Predictive Analytics (Engagement and Conversion) – Understand drivers behind customer engagement.
  • Predicting CLV – Understand your CLV to maximise your budget without driving internal stakeholders mad.
  • Reduce Churn – Predict the customers at risk of leaving.
  • AB Testing – Testing promotions, visual designs, messaging, all for the betterment of improved marketing.
  • Seasonal Forecasting – Forecast what is likely to happen based on what you’ve done.

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