Marketing Data Modelling

Are you looking for better outcomes from your marketing data? Let’s chat. You probably aren’t aware of how predictive models can help you, I can help.

Marketing Data Science

Marketing Data Science services help you with predictive and/or machine learning modelling, statistical analysis and modelling, data science model deployments, and more.

Marketing Mix Modelling

When you want to get things right in your marketing activities, The main parts are the 4 P’s of Marketing: Promotion (Ads), Place (Targeting and Discovery), Product, Pricing.

Campaign Performance Measurement

Want to know how well your campaign will go or has done with deeper meaning?

Customer Segmentation

Know the best type of customer scientifically. No need for innovation theatre from designers. Unlock your strategy from where you are today.

Customer Lifetime Value

Get the confidence to get more marketing budget and learn the insights of true economic customer value.

Customer Churn Modelling

Remove the fear of losing customers and enjoy peace of mind that losing a little bit of business will win out from the front end being right.

Financial Modelling/Forecasting

When you want to model a decision with seasonality involved. Want to see how increasing your ad budget would have impacted revenue?

Purchasing Likelihood

When you want to see how close your customer journeys are to actually drive a purchase.

Association Analysis

When you want to understand what ancillery products a customer will buy.

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