How to Teach Anything Online

This is the framework I use to teach someone anything on the internet. I can have many variations and forks of this but it goes:


What are we talking about in today’s topic. Just chat for a bit, say enough here without revealing the why.


The why should cause a stir of emotion. This should help build a story ark into the part the person on the other wants to know. The how.


Give them the playbook, the more you give and the easier you can give them the better. The biggest mistake I see here is using too much technobabble.

The Result or Promise

Tell them what the expected outcome will be, you’ve got to give an expected return. You can’t say you’ll get 7-minute abs and not have the end user with abs in 7-minutes. That’s a false promise.

Source: Anthony Kirby’s The Expert Blueprint Ebook

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