High Performance Website Design Program

No matter how educated you are in traditional User Experience Design, nor how carefully you execute it’s traditional best practices, your website will not foster the engagement you want, nor will it deliver the sales you need without an approach that takes the customer’s experience into consideration.

That approach is High-Performance Website Design Program.

HPWD isn’t about making it easy for users to do whatever they want to do. It’s about making it easy for customers to do what you need them to do. Doing that right will lead to a more informed customer and more meaningful and measurable engagement with them on your website.

Program Pricing

HPWDHPWD ProgramHPWD Program +
Website Audit + ReviewWebsite Audit + ReviewWebsite Audit + Review
6-week Setup Consultation6-week Setup Consultation
Customised wireframes and CCD documentation for your design and development team
After-Launch Quarterly Consultation
$2,500$5,000$1,500/mo (12 month min.)

How the HPWD Program Works

1. Website Audit and Review

I’ll begin our HPWD Program with an audit and review of your current website and training on High Performance Website Design best practices. I’ll provide you with an analysis of your website’s weaknesses and a detailed, step-by-step recommendation for what your website needs to more effectively create opportunity. These recommendations include page-specific information architecture imperatives, guidelines for content and call-to-action arrangement and functionality, as well as detailed specifications for designers and developers working on your website. Our recommendations are presented live and supported by an illustrated, readable and sharable document provided to your team.

2. HPWD Program Setup Consultation

After the initial training, we begin regular consulting sessions during which I advise and track your progress as your team works through design and development implementation. These sessions occur virtually every two weeks until your new website launches. For HPWD + customers, I also offer UX design implementation. I provide fully designed and annotated wireframes according to my HPWD recommendations.

3. Quarterly High Performance Website Design Coaching

Of all the predictable challenges I’ve observed while helping clients, this is both the most obvious and the most ignored: As soon as a new website launches, it stops maturing. While the rest of their digital marketing system evolves and flourishes, my clients have struggled to know how to evaluate what’s working on their site and what is not, and they haven’t had a plan to regularly and strategically nurture it. I will meet with you quarterly to review every aspect of your digital marketing work. High Performance Website Design topics will likely include:

The HPWD Program is for experts who have a strong brand and believe in the power of design to connect them with those who need it at the right time when a prospect is looking to buy.

I’m limiting to a few HPWD Programs per year. So I’d recommend getting in early.