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UI + UX Design for Better Business Outcomes.

Your ecommerce business is stuck. You feel like you’re store is going backwards rapidly, you have marketing capabilities, but your store sucks, your brand is dwindling, your site loads bloody slowly, there’s a bunch of fluff content in the way (which makes no sense).

You’ve looked at all the Dribbble profiles, Pinterest boards, Googled design industry leaders, without resolution of finding a designer able to help you improve sales.

Imagine Knowing the Next Step?

Imagine this – Imagine maintaining the growth you once had. Imagine refining your current site or app to better reflect what you sell, get more buyers through your sales funnel or improving site performance.

Imagine seeing those familiar old problems disappearing in the rear-view mirror.

Work with One of Australia’s Leading Ecommerce Designers!

Get unstuck – Often all it takes to get unstuck is to talk to the right person at the right time. Put the analysis paralysis behind you. Learn exactly what to do next. Book a 30-minute consult with me now. Why?

  • I’ve been a designer in a 9-figure business for the last 3 years
  • I don’t shut up about new ways to make money (I usually execute on those new ways)
  • I absolutely haaate losing or not winning (so you can trust I’ll do my best)

What you’ll get when working with me: Strategy, ui + ux design, in some cases development (of WordPress/Shopify websites, sometimes others). I take care of the nerdy pieces like mobile-responsiveness, mailing list hookups, structure and user flow. Projects can optionally include, email marketing, conversion-rate optimisation, ecommerce consulting (sales, crm, store setup), design thinking workshops and more here.

Here’s How it Works:

I work quite differently. Most designers have really no idea about business, conversions and return on investment in form of a financial indicator. I combine my business skills, design, research and marketing chops to drive dramatic changes to your website, app or product.

To start we kick-off with a face-to-face 30-minute consult in person (or on Google Hangouts) to discuss your business and if it’s worth us working together. I can usually tell pretty quickly whether or not I can help you. I trust you have a strong BS detector by even pressing the apply button.

New projects typically ship 2-3 months after a contract is signed and a downpayment is paid. Custom design projects start @ $5k or you can pick something off the menu board. You can view my most popular services here.

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I’m Currently Working on the Following

  • Helping a mining business improve platform collaboration to improve costs and working conditions.
  • Helping a dog food brand improve their growing startup.
  • Helping a florist iterate on their ecommerce startup with UX.
  • Helping peoples smiles with UX strategy and branding.
  • Helping brand a plant-based meal company with digital transformation.

Money-back Guarantee

I’m so sure that I can provide high-value design services that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If at the stage of our project you feel you have not gotten your money’s worth, just let me know and I’ll refund your payment in full.

I Trust You’ll Take Others Word for it!

“Having his expertise around was incredible when I started my first business.”

Kristoffer Nilsson, Lecharl Watches

“Reed is a designer with a great vision for user experience. He’s also highly knowledgeable about E-commerce and onboarding customers.”

Simon Dell, SimonDell.com

“Reed doesn’t build you a website, he builds you a newer, better version of your business.”

Dylan Garft, One Stone Creative

“Not only did Reed cover design, he showed us factors in our sales funnel where we were falling short.”

Marketing team, Isla Collective

Who I’ve Designed for…

  • Australiansarongs.com
  • BHP
  • Petzyo!
  • WonderSmile
  • Flipside
  • Twitter
  • Ladbrokes
  • Elixir Coffee
  • HBS Machinery
  • Fonezone
  • Bulk Fuel Australia
  • SimonDell.com
  • Your Digital Solutions
  • Lecharl Watches
  • Moddex
  • One Stone Creative

Frequently Asked Questions

You can see my frequently asked questions here.

Who is Reed Iredale?

I’m Reed Iredale, I’ve designed for over 30 ecommerce businesses and 200+ others. I’ve worked as a team lead with a 9-figure betting agent, designed with Twitter and a lot of medium-sized Australian businesses.

Why I’m different to most other designers is that I care about outcomes. I guarantee that my work will help your business.

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