Data Science for Marketing

Decisions Without Data

When your senior leadership needs every dollar accounted for they usually start making decisions based on past behaviours and not really taking on risk by looking at the current intel.

This is what they are used to and they have been conditioned through months or years of normative behaviour.

Don’t tell them that though.

What you want to do is get data being used for decision-making.

So take some initiative here.

Go for a small win.

A small win will give you a demo to use throughout the organisation.

Demonstrations are one of the easiest ways to sell a service. The data is there. So you can start simply asking what evidence the leader used.

Start making it a policy for data to be used.

You’re not going to change the world today, so go for that quick win. Then start getting it in front of others around you to build momentum.

This is a long road, but it’s a worthy one.

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