Data Science for Sports, Fitness and Outdoors

Do you need Data Science for Sports, Fitness and Outdoors?

Data Science for Sports, Fitness and Outdoors

Are you on a hamster wheel with decision-making? Do you want more out of your Sports, Fitness and Outdoors?

Now imagine someone to just find the next decision for you by pulling out the correct information you need?

What My Data Science Services Can Do For You

Data Science services help you with predictive and/or machine learning modeling, statistical analysis and modeling, data science model deployments, and more.

I Can Help...

Let's chat about your Sports, Fitness and Outdoors. I'm keen to know your business challenges around data and what specific value I can provide to your decision-making.

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Reed has the right approach to data when it comes to business, especially in Sports, Fitness and Outdoors. You'll notice pretty quickly he's not there to mess around with stuff you don't care about.

Leading Sales Consultant

Trusted by BHP · ART · Soulara · Bento · Oscar Wylee · Ladbrokes · Moddex · Petzyo · Sipp Instant · WonderSmile · Ottie Merino ...and over 200 more.


All projects have access to my Advisory Retainer for the duration of the project (Valued at $2,500/mo).

Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the services, I will either refund the price or accept a portion of the price that reflects your level of value received. Upon receipt of each of your scheduled payments or within seven days of receipt of your invoice, I will deem you have been satisfied.

Hi, I'm Reed Iredale!

Data Science for Sports, Fitness and Outdoors Reed Iredale

(in 3rd person) Reed Iredale is an MBA-dropout turned Data Scientist and Decision Strategist, he's won NN Group awards and ran enterprise teams.

I'm well-versed in the main data technologies, it oddly comes up a lot, but you really just want business outcomes.

Python Data Expert Reed Iredale
SQL Data Expert Reed Iredale
Power-BI Data Expert Reed Iredale
Tableau Data Expert Reed Iredale
Google Cloud Data Expert Reed Iredale
Microsoft Azure Data Expert Reed Iredale
Docker for Data Science Expert Reed Iredale
Github for Data Science Reed Iredale

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