Design Express: The Quick and Effective Design Service

1 Page…

You pick one page on your site or app for me to redesign.

…in 1 Week…

In just 7 days, I’ll revamp the page to make it more useful and usable.

…for $997.

The quality that has worked for all types of businesses. It’s quick, affordable and effective.

How does it work?

  1. You pick a single page on your site: your homepage, a product page, a search results page, a complicated form or data table, or anything else — it’s your choice.
  2. You answer my 10 questions about the page, then pay: The brief questionnaire will help identify your goals and expectations for your design.
  3. I design the ultimate prototype of the page: I’ll drastically improve the design, usability, structure, layout, copywriting, and flow of the page.
  4. I deliver a summary report: This document (PDF format) displays the new page and offers a before-and-after comparison explaining the benefits of the redesign.

The Questions

Please type your answers in an email with the completed questions to

  1. Why do you seek a Design Express redesign?
  2. What are the primary/secondary goals of the page you want redesigned? (include URL to the page you want redesigned)
  3. How will you measure the success of a page redesign?
  4. How do you want visitors to respond to this page?
  5. What’s right/wrong with the page now?
  6. Are there technical or other limitations that should be considered while redesigning this page? (be as specific as possible)
  7. How would you describe this page’s typical visitor?
  8. Which visitors are most important? (e.g. how would you prioritise between current customers, new customers, job seekers, the press, etc.)
  9. What are the strengths/weaknesses of similar pages at competitor sites or elsewhere on the net? (include URLs if applicable)
  10. Is there anything else I should know?

* Design Express is modelled off 37 Signals productised service from 2004.