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Data and Decision-Making Coaching

This is my premium coaching product. Agile and informative. For those serious about decision-making.

What is Coaching? #

Coaching will help you level up your decision-making and data abilities over a 90 day period. Whether you’re new in your role or a veteran executive, you can benefit from working with a data and decision expert.

Why it Matters to You #

As an executive, you’re paid to make the big decisions. Investing in improving this skill will translate to everything you do in your work and career.

How It Works #

What You Get #

How Much Will it Cost? #

Small $7,500 · Medium $15,000 · Large $22,500

100% Money-Back Guarantee #

It’s free to apply and there’s no risk or obligation. If you are accepted into my coaching program, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. I don’t want your money if we’re not a good fit. If you’re not happy with our kickoff call for any reason, just let me know and I’ll refund your money in full.

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