Your New Marketing Plan

You're likely not the only one to have a few anxious moments as time of writing. Your plan to get customers is likely a complex structure, with a lot of different channels that are 'best practices'. I want to unhinge you from that BS.

Let's strip out the complexity and let's simplify your new marketing plan. It will give you a lot more confidence to go after the right customers, willing to buy.

  1. Positioning statement (what you sell and who is your ideal customer)
  2. Best ways to reach your ideal customer
    • Social groups (FB Groups)
    • Word of mouth
    • Newsletters
  3. Best ways for them to find you?
    • Ads
    • SEO
    • Affiliates
  4. What do you need to implement?
    • Email system
    • Website
    • Shopping Cart
    • Ads manager
  5. Schedule and implement

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