Which One Thing Resulted in Increased Conversions?

I asked a forum "What's one thing that you did on your ecommerce store, that resulted in increased conversions?"

Asking questions like this in forums gives me a better understanding of results at scale.

Adding Product Video Tours

Having a video on the product page with a structured process of demonstrating it's benefits and risk reversal.

Simplifying Checkout Process

Shopify gives you an uncluttered checkout process by default now. So if you're not utilising a defined user experience at checkout, start by removing headers and footers of the page and show the pages intent clearly.

Adjusting Free Shipping Policy

Changing your policy impacts AOV (average order value) just as much as optimising for conversions. I've seen others discuss setting the AOV threshold to 1.15-1.20 X AOV.

I think that's a good ballpark. But please account for brand leverage and unit economics.

Product Photography

The better the image, the image consistency and image content = the higher the sales.

Start here and improve. I can't stress this enough. If I'm starting a store, the first thing I'm paying for is good product photography (even before I've ordered product).

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