What Should an Ecommerce CEO Focus On?

Talking with one of my customers this week. They were talking about how they needed to be less in the weeds, as they were a CEO, I agreed.

This lead me to write down what a current CEO role looks like.

What does a modern ecommerce CEO look like?

They are in charge of what I like to call 'Future Value'. This means sales beyond the current day.

I class it as thinking 1, 3 or 5 years out. How the business will be making money, often called strategy, but I wanted to be clearer.

Well what should ecommerce CEO's be responsible for?

When I imply 'future-value' I imply the $10,000/hr tasks like:

I say 'marketing thinking' because I don't believe the modern CMO is responsible for all of the marketing in the C-Suite anymore. The CMO is responsible for so much in terms of implementation of marketing, that they lose the ability to think well.

The CMO has so much of technologies spend now, and is often involved in how that reaches customers and basically trying to minimise ad spend across Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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