How Many Reviews Should I Have?

Customer reviews are great. I'm obsessed like many. But I only post about 8-10 throughout my own website.

I have a truckload sitting in my inbox. Though why don't I use them all?

I curate them and I don't even use all the "5-star quality" or "Reed is a great bloke" ones.

I choose the ones with a before, after and a reluctance to buy. Because this triggers a potential buyer to go where THEY want to go.

Pestering your customers all day for reviews is what YOU want them to do.

How selfish.

This email was prompted when I saw a client do a follow-up email after every monthly purchase.

It was an awful experience. They got addicted to reviews and they thought the amount of reviews was their differentiator and not the social proof that comes with showing them in the first place.

Your customer is only going to read around 2-5, so make them count. They're there for social proof, so show the number of 5 stars perhaps, but give them something of quality to read.

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