Glow Up Your Freebie Offer

Last week I walked you through making loads more cash on your back-end offer if you're losing out on your freebie offer.

But like all paid ads strategy chat someone always wants to jump in and ask 'what if I don't have any money for ads?'...

Simple, I'd want to glow up my freebie offer.

I'd want my freebie offer viral and in the mouths of prospects far and wide.

Al Bladez owns a lawn mowing business, every week him and his partner do one pro bono job and film it for YouTube.

They make sure the property is wildly overgrown, so it has a story, and then he gets 1,000,000+ views on some of his before and after videos.

This is entertaining as hell to the average home owner. And I bet his phone goes off when he posts a video.

This drives his price premium up way higher than other lawn mowers.

Then instead of customers searching 'lawn mowers near me', they say 'get me Al Bladez' and then he is more likely to charge whatever the hell he wants for the implementation of his work.

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