4 Ecommerce Quick Wins You Can Have Today

When you’ve built a platform for so long it’s not uncommon to want to start again. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Tiny changes can have a huge impact. My own example, for australiansarongs.com
I changed the width of the website from a 1600px wide container to a 980px container and nearly doubled the revenue in just one month.

Here a bunch of quick wins your business can have that you the store owner can do straight away, some as a little as 2 minutes.

1. Chat

The experience when I go to retail outlet versus shopping on TOPSHOP for slim-fit khaki chinos (tragic I know) is worlds apart in terms of being a valued customer.

Not only is chat a way to improve engagement with the customer, discover frequent problems and hidden issues, it starts to fix that real-world experience that every store owner thinks about.

You can setup the following relatively easy on your store.

2. Payment options

Offering customers an alternative way to pay has been proven to boost conversions.

Payments company Stripe analysed payment methods by platform and showed an increase in performance when offering customers more options.

I do however think they just gamed it to make people use them too.

Paypal has obviously gained market share but digital wallets haven’t really gained traction in Australia.

The quick win I would recommend is your average transaction value and then start pairing solutions together to see which works best. I’d recommend BOTH Stripe and PayPal together.

3. Social Proof and Urgency

I like to use timers to make someone buy. Doing this will trigger ‘fear of missing out’ commonly known as FOMO in the users head. eg. If you purchase in under 2 minutes it’s 10% off.

WooCommerce store owners can make use of this with a simple search of ‘WooCommerce Countdown Timer’.

In the 2nd chapter of Robert Cialdini’s book ‘Influence’ he talks about ‘the Rule of Reciprocity’. This implies when someone gives you more value than you asked for they feel guilt to give back.

…a subtle kind of leverage.

Do you notice why I give away a FREE email course on my websites? That’s what I’m doing. I’m giving more value so I can do an ask to you in the future.

You can give away physical samples, pamphlets on more information through a gateway etc.

4. Onboarding

Onboarding is getting someone through your product with the ability to easily acquire what you’re selling. First-time buyers might require guidance, but not information overload.

Start with your value proposition (keep it simple!) and move on to basic functionality from there.

Too much text during onboarding (or anywhere in an app, for that matter) can be a turnoff, especially since many people don’t learn this way. Try taking a “learn by doing” approach.

Remove friction from logins and account creation Logins are tricky. (You can set up Social logins which I recommend though they're not quick & easy).

They account for a significant amount of drop-off in app usage, losing up to 56% of users, but are pretty much essential for the majority of apps out there today. Optimising the way users sign-up or create an account can make a huge difference in improving the activation and retention rates.

Rounding Up

I think these are easy, though that might not be the case for you. Comment below and I'm happy to explain some next steps.

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