2 Ecommerce Lead Mistakes You''re Making Right Now

Over 17% of all sales on this planet will be transacted through the internet and ecommerce leads, that number is growing higher every month.

...50% of all customers spend more than 75% of their shopping time in research on a website.

What does this all mean? You need to know how to convert ecommerce customers.

Not Giving the Customer Enough Information

The huge issue I see as a designer is the content site owners give a customer meticulously looking to see what takes ownership of hierarchy. I find most problems usually language around 'we the business' instead of 'you the customer'. And it takes up a lot of room on the page doing a whole lot of nothing.

Nobody wants to hear about how the company makes the car, the customer wants to see how fast the goes with them inside.

Still, fill the page with the correct objection busting copy to get the customer to buy ie. In Stock, Free Shipping.


Assuming your lead is not ready to buy is a huge mistake.

The internet makes it easy to do comparison shopping and that is good for you. Now you know how to talk to your customer as a salesman, you're ready to close the deal. See the 'you the customer' language can come back in with a bit more force now.

You can get bogged down with trying to give the user everything they need right away. Though just hide dimension attributes in an 'Attributes' tab and they will get there if they're looking for it.

Designing a huge add to cart button on the product page is enough at this stage. The worrying point is drop off. That's where Facebook Ads are vital part in your lead generation.

You want comparison to be out of the buyers mind. And focused on getting them back to buy. You don't want to spend the money? Like anything on this planet you have to pay to play.


By chance the user comes back through a Facebook remarketing campaign they're ready to buy. Make it as easy as possible for them.

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