Why I Like Direct-Response Marketing

It's the data-driven magic we've come to love about marketing over the past decade due to Facebook's audience insights tool and insane targeting techniques.

We've dusted off all the old Dan Kennedy books and become masterful persuaders with silver tongues.

Direct response also runs a fine line of being scammy or inauthentic.

You need clear intent and not to fake your scarcity OR what your customer gets in the tightly packaged offer.

You need end to end funnels, low barriers to entry to keep the customer around. It's numbers, behaviour and persuasion.

It can be aggressive.

It can be dialled back.

Someone like me who can handle high cortisol levels and a lot of data acumen is perfect for it.

If you do it well your numbers should keeping going up, offers in direct-response do get exhausted. So be smart and wrap it in a new offer, make a whole new offer, or run it again the next year.

How are you doing direct-response marketing? Or are you doing any?

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