Brand vs Direct Response

How to see marketing in the world. To better understand it.

You’ll see 2 kinds. Brand and direct-response.

There isn’t many direct-response gurus left in the world, because they tend to move into brand as soon as they’re know.

But we’ve seen a shift back over the past 5-10 years to direct-response.

Direct response marketing is measurable, scientific and based on behavioural response to become a dominion in you space.

Brand is a deep affiliation or connection to the audience. It’s emotive, but less obvious than direct-response, it’s not as measurable, but it shows up in action. How do you measure affiliation by any other thing than more affiliation?

You want measurable marketing from the start but move into brand as soon as possible.

Neither is wrong.

You will need to pick a side to maximise outcomes.

Do you want to be known for dominion or affiliation?

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