I Analysed 700 of Australia's Top Shopify Stores, Here''s What I Found

As I'm a handy developer, I built a quick query to find the top Shopify stores in Australia. I was alarmed at a few issues were prevalent across most as you can see my original Tweetstorm here.

Brand Perception

90% don't care about it or how it effects price premium.

Warren Buffet only buys businesses based on price premium. It's his main metric for purchase.

If you don't have a solid brand you're ability to make a second sale is drastically lower than that of a brand who is perceived as valuable.

User Experience

All are using stock standard, out of the box themes.

They aren't using the Cam Smith principal of UX: "If we can score on the second play, why don't we?"

This means that optimising the number of clicks to purchase aren't being utilised. There is work to be done here.

This is even more obvious on products with a low number of SKUs. You could give a lot more value on the homepage or pre-filling the cart with the store's major product.

Innovation Stack

You have managed to get past the first hurdle by having Shopify. 6 years ago it took me 3 hours to set up a bank connection. Spend more on giving your customers options and systems to buy.

Utilise your ECRM capabilities to see how people shop, give them a nudge to buy, ECRM's like Drip or Klaviyo have the ability to personalise on site language to give the customer a lot more of a unique experience with tools like RightMessage.


Pay some money for a typeface. Google Fonts are free for a reason. They are poorly made and usually cheap alternatives.

A brand is only as good as it's differentiation from it's market. A typeface tells a story on it's own and going down the free path makes you look a bit clumsy. Choose a typeface that speaks to your customers.


If you've listened to me for long enough this is my no.1 budget tip. If you're cheap, start with photography.

Setting up your iPhone and think you will be just fine?


Call my friend Callie Marshall. She's the best at product photography for DTC brands in Australia. She will give them a unique setting and the vibe your brand speaks.


A lot of it was pretty poor. It didn't persuade, or resonate with any specific type of customer.

I'd recommend starting again. Read Sean D'Souza's books. ...or hire my friend Adam at Copy Burst. I'll hire him for you if you want.


If the copy is poor, it usually isn't saying specific to anyone.

I'd look at your positioning if you're about go and get a copy expert in. If you can sharpen your arrow and shoot at the target profile you'll have far more resonating products with your audience and make sales a lot more seem-less.

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