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Design Express – Building the Ultimate Sales Page

When Petzyo came to they had a bunch of ideas on where they thought they needed to go. I priced them up and it landed a little off. So I offered up my lower priced, quick engagement to redesign their homepage with my Design Express product. What did Petzyo Look Like Before? Masthead Benefits How […]

Design is Not Art

An essay on why you should kick yourself for calling design ‘art’

How to Measure Product Success with Google Analytics Ecommerce

I recently wrote to a number of my current clients after the financial year to do some goal setting around measuring ecommerce product success for the next 12 months. The answers rolled in… One hadn’t even given it a thought. And the rest gave me solid answers. Though one stuck out far more than the […]

How and Why I Built Automated Sales Systems

Why the hell would I trust a startup email provider to build sales systems? I could have used MailChimp, or better, Campaign Monitor as the business IS just down the road. But I chose Drip. Why? It was because of power and speed. Why I Went Automation Crazy? Recently I took a few days out from my […]

Your Ecommerce Store Doesn’t Need a $16,397 Redesign

I’ve been doing ecommerce store redesign for a little over 3 years now. Plenty of people come asking for all the bells and whistles and end up with a solution that looks much like the last one. With fancy sliders, full screen videos (why?) and sites with bulk white space. It makes little sense and […]

How to Show Your Prices Online – Make it Feel Lower or Higher

Noticed a few businesses in high-touch sales lately use this huge sales mistake in their business. Ok, I’ll go into a brief story about how I came across this tactic. I read a load of books on business strategy and acquiring more clients. The clients I want are generally ones who want to pay me […]

Landing Page Copy for Conversions

This is an article that is meant to be simple. So simple in fact that you can use it today in your next sell for high level conversion copy. I didn’t want to write a 3000-word essay, just a simple nugget that can be referred to an iterated upon, definitely use this in your next landing page.  The reason? […]