Advanced Word of Mouth in Your Marketing - Reed Iredale

Advanced Word of Mouth in Your Marketing

Written by Reed

You’ve probably got great word of mouth, but what you don’t have is harnessing the true force of it.

What I’m going to show you might make you see where you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

That same money won’t be there tomorrow, so listen up.

You finish a project, do a great job and expect word of mouth business to show up.

Referrals are the coin of your realm, so let’s focus your intent.

With email automation I can set a tag in my system to show who is a customer.

Now we follow up and send automated emails to ask for testimonials and referral business.

In cases like this, 3 things will happen:

  • We get testimonials to sell the next customer
  • We get referred business from the customer’s friends
  • We get work from the customer from following up asking to help

Now we’ve stopped ignoring our previous customers. We’re using an automated message, while focusing on another project, and we’re back in front previous customers when they might need future work.

When I did this in 2018, I had a huge uptick in referral work. This is what has kept me in business without ever needing to do ads.