Reed Iredale

Behavioural Science for Marketing

About Reed

Reed has 15 years’ experience working in online experience design, a trained data scientist through UTS (Institute of Data), self-taught behavioural scientist (mainly stealing my wife’s psychology books) and he’s a hobbiest economist since 2010. In that time has worked with brands like Ladbrokes, BHP, Twitter, and Oscar Wylee.

His specialty is applying findings from behavioural science to marketing mostly online behaviours. This covers a broad range of areas: from positioning (strategy) to media, pricing to store experience.

Reed offers consultancy whereby he will apply the latest thinking from behavioural science to help solve your business problems.

He also offers training and workshops where he can help train your staff in behavioural science.

…Enough speaking in 3rd person.

How I Can Help You

I’m here to help foremost. I write mainly for the marketer who has to implement this, usually served up from a very rational/logical executive. So I’m trying to be that conduit that can get that those arrows if you want to take that idea that isn’t in Jira and run with it (I fucking hate Jira).

I believe companies have gone too deep down the Big Data hole and we’ve probably exhausted our big innovative wins we can get out of technology.

The remaining wins lay deep within psychology, perception and incremental influence.

My content focuses on:

  • Advertising
  • Experience design
  • Copywriting
  • Positioning (Strategy)
  • Offers (Promotions)
  • Pricing

Other Projects and Interests

I like to focus on expertise that let’s me live a rich life outside of it.

My Family

Megan, Alfie and Bonnie are my everything.


The round ball type. I love watching EPL. I mostly follow Newcastle United. I played throughout COVID and won the 2023 South Brisbane Over 30s 1st Division Church League.


I like books and audiobooks. Mostly non-fiction. For fiction, I like the late Robert G. Barrett’s books, he was probably a better butcher than writer. I simply like the entertainment.

Fun Facts

  • I like the carnivore diet but I am really loose with it
  • I swing a kettlebell a lot
  • Alcohol is ok, but best used for creativity