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Modern Marketing

I had an old friend come to me and ask me about graphic design and how it’s value has changed. I agreed, though it’s value isn’t changed of itself, advertising has changed. Modern marketing is comprised of 3 parts: traffic, conversion and economics. I feel value in advertising has changed because the platforms we use … Read more


Recession Proof E-Commerce Store Marketing Tactics

Expect Drop, Protect Profit You will suffer a drop, protect what you can immediately, and do it ethically. If someone is on your team that isn’t required in our current state then please let them go early, and if you see a future with them in it, don’t over promise, but realise they have immense … Read more


What Happens if You Focus Too Much on Traffic?

People have become obsessed with traffic metrics, so much in fact that they’ve missed the point in why they have a business in the first place, to make a customer. Modern marketing is comprised of 3 parts, traffic conversions and economics. Amateur marketers put their focus in that order above, where I focus on the … Read more

Case Studies

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Run Towards Risk

You’ve thought to yourself on many occasions, “it shouldn’t be this hard to get more customers, my competitors look like they’re killing it”. But the fact is your competitor is taking risks in the market. They’re spending more on the opportunity to gain a customer OR they’re being meaningfully different in the eyes of the … Read more



Business is open. There’s no ‘new normal’, and we should really be making solid sales. What a vision helps you do is get clear on decision making. If you aren’t sure about what you sell you’re usually not positioned well and you’re going to be distracted. Being distracted makes you move down to lower value … Read more


How I Doubled MRR in 90 Days for Petzyo

I wanted to show you how I kicked arse for my friends at Petzyo during COVID lockdown last year. They were in an industry doing well and one left in my pipeline that weren’t lopping off their marketing spend. So I offered up to throw caution to the wind and in return if I did … Read more

B2C Ecommerce

Situation Petzyo was at a point where investment was needed to be made in the organisation that takes the successful owner (David) away from wearing multiple hats and into a role where he can, like any good CEO, focus on leading the business effectively. At this stage his goal is to formulate a team of … Read more

Dating App

Situation The technically competent client wanted a dating app to be usable within a month after design handoff, and be brand ready. Intervention We discussed how it was going to built and reverse engineered a solution. Result MVP designed in 14 days, ready for a customer to use and marketing allies to advertise a branded, … Read more