Hushie App

I’m designing it in the open. We are building it in the open.

We tend to think modern dating is on the sleezy side of things and thought all these algorithms and scoring systems were a bit over the top. So we decided to sell the best version of you.

We’re building lean and we’re building fast. We are modelling other businesses and we also aren’t.

Structured the user flow for dev team to set up

Structuring the flow gives the dev team a clear path to execute as I go so they can make sure of clear and semantic architecture of the app. This helps us make better tech decisions in the future.

Coded the lander as close to the design as time allowed, kept on moving

Link to Codepen

Designed a lander and pulled in an email capture form to start building a list.

Because if you’re not having users sign up then they won’t know when it’s launched.

Here’s an image that shows off the branding of Hushie mocked up in an app for landers sake.

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