What Are Your Customers Really Buying?

I've been liking the partially true story about Montreal's gang land, Bad Blood on Netflix (spoiler alert).

The main character, Declan, ends up taking over complete control of the drugs coming into the city.

He ends up being burned by the mafia in the first season which leads him to go it alone. He knows from past experience, it's always from the inside that a mafia unravels, not from the outside hence the reason to go solo.

In the picture attached, Declan is organising the purchase of distribution. But he structures his deals so he pays a premium on stability.

At McDonald's you buy a delicious burger (however unhealthy it may be). But you pay for the convenience. So they look at themselves as a real estate business.

Dimple is an at your home foot care company. But you pay a premium on foot health in your elderly age to get in home care. But they are really look at themselves as a logistics company.

So What are Your Customers Really Buying?

Do you know? I imagine McDonald's and Dimple have poured huge efforts into the structure of their business model to optimise costs and marketing to improve cash flow not around their product costs but around the way the business can potentially make money or save money.