Now is the Time to Follow-Up

I don't mean heartfelt outreach.

I just mean getting in front of your customer. Being there, getting attention. It's the same as it was 6 months ago.

We are simply tired of the support emails, saying 'we're here for you'. Most businesses aren't there for you, they are struggling to make a sale. If they say that I'd imagine they are showing up to your doorstep doing non-scaleable things. And that's very rare, and in some cases illegal.

I assure you non-scaleable things will win during current times. Just like they would pre-covid days. You just want to win today and I think there's no better time to do the non-scaleable things well.

If you can contact a customer, send a handwritten note, at a minimum write the email that would have been automated yourself. Just to tell them you're thankful for their business at these times. That is the start of a very good relationship.