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Has Your Ecommerce Store Revenue Stagnated Because of Design?

Planning a redesign can be intimidating. There’s a lot on the line and every situation is unique. Plus, there are so many questions that it can feel overwhelming.

Should you start designing your website yourself? Should you use a site builder like Squarespace? What typefaces should I use? What colours should I use on each button? Also what happens if you go down the path 6 months later and the business is about to fold?

It can be easy to just throw your hands up in frustration and skip the design vetting process altogether and sit with a stagnant website, but then you could be leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table too.

Imagine Knowing Exactly How to Get Out of that Stagnation!

Ashley (who later became a client) was interviewing potential creative firms to execute a new design. The old agency was going through a significant reorganisation, and she was looking for a new designer with skills more suited towards business development instead of simple UI (user interface) design. She was even willing to pay a lot more to get better results from a new designer. She was willing to go to someone that could offer her a lot more than pixels being pushed and a GUARANTEE OF RESULTS!

We scheduled a time to talk and I asked her some questions:

  • “What is your competitive advantage?” Ashley explained far better quality product than her competitors at a better price.
  • “Do you have a solid marketing strategy?” Ashley’s business ran some FB ads and posted regularly to Instagram, though a direct ROI (return on investment) wasn’t being tracked.
  • “How often do customers ask for new products?” They always wanted new products though those questions weren’t happening as much.

Her positioning was strong, but didn’t even plan to have design strategy to focus where customers should go! With some discussion, she decided to go down the path of Success Driven Design. The result? She made an additional 37% revenue for her women’s basics brand.

Speak with a Seasoned Success Driven Design coach today!

Get out of your stagnant cycle – Often all it takes to get unstuck is to talk to the right person at the right time. Put the analysis paralysis behind you. Learn exactly what to do next. Book a live business-2-business consult with me now. Why?

  • I’ve been a designer since 2008
  • I have delivered over 100 websites and apps
  • I’m constantly helping businesses making effective businesses decisions through strategic design

Why Success Driven Design Over the Old Agency Web Design Model???

Traditional Web Design 🛑

  • Huge time investment
  • Large up-front cost
  • Often runs very late and over-budget
  • Unpredictable results
  • Built on ‘ego-based’ opinions
  • Set it and forget it

Success Driven Design ✅

  • A smarter approach
  • Launch quick and improve over time
  • Investment spread out over time
  • Launch on-time and on-budget
  • Optimised results
  • Data-driven opinions
  • Month-over-month improvement

How it Works

You book your FREE 30-Minute Consult and qualify by being yourself, having a WordPress website and then we develop the following…

1. Strategy

Develop an emphatic understanding of your audience’s world and how your website can solve problems along their journey based on current data (if you have none it’s ok)

2. Base Site

Quickly get a website that looks and performs better than what you have today, though it’s not complete final product. Rather have the right foundation to make iterate changes slowly and effectively.

3. Continuous Growth

With a Base Site live and your business collecting data I can start identifying the high impact action you can take to grow your business using visual design, front-end styling and AB Testing Software.

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