How I Increased Revenue by 39% on a Product Category [Case Study]

Increased revenue in a product category is a problem for so many niched online business I talk to. I recently found a huge untapped stream of revenue in product just by cleaning up the user flow of the product category.

You can pick up ‘Don’t make me think’ at any old book store. Classic book. Just read the title and you’ve made your money back. I recently just executed a project and not making a user think was the goal behind the whole thing. I really owe it to that book.

Who were the “characters” in this story, both on your end and the client end?

Ladbrokes Australia, Ladbrokes Tech and Mark Cowie (UI Engineer).

What business problem did you solve?

Increasing the revenue of Sports betting.

A test boxing bet I tried to place, Jeff Horne vs Manny Pacquio triggered the whole thing. Jeff won. Fantastic. But the data when I went in on the Monday was horrific. This was one of the feature bets for the weekend, the underdog won and we didn’t even capitalise.

We needed to fix this: the ability to get users to bets that were popular, but not on the businesses radar.

What pain was the business problem causing your client?

Historically the business intelligence data has shown Sports only accounts for 15% of revenue for Ladbrokes Australia. So I had to sell the potential revenue to the business which had proved costly with poor ux design. Other bookmakers were 60% Racing / 40% Sports.

What was your client’s overall mood around this problem? Fearful? Anxious? Cautiously optimistic? etc.

The business had no idea before I raised the issue. I had to sell it because it only accounted for so little in the make up of overall revenue.

I compared it to the Michelle Payne win in the 2015 Melbourne Cup to get the business to even consider this project. I’ve still never seen Ladbrokes like I did on that day. As I mentioned about the underdog. It is a ‘picking up money off the ground’ moment for the business.

What would have happened if the client wasn’t able to solve this problem with your help?

If Ladbrokes didn’t undertake the project they would have far less users over the coming 18-month period and continue to expect the same revenue from Sports betting.

What makes this particular problem either unique or common to other clients you want to work with?

I’d say the ability to simplify something that causes a lot of pain for not only the customer, but the business.

What did you do to solve the problem?

Design Sprint – I won’t go into detail about design sprints here.

Basically, easier navigation to leagues where soccer teams, namely Manchester City were located. I reverse engineered the whole thing.

Round of EPL > Leagues in UK > Leagues filtered by Country > Soccer > Sports page.

I went to town building quite a simple process. Ideally it’s modelled similarly to WordPress’ post type and archive structure.

Not only that, it’s the most sensible steps to narrow the focus and bloody find your bet.

What was unique about your solution (both technically and in terms of customer service)?

I asked basic user questions about betting and all metrics were to be tied to basic epic Jira tasks. I went and built a simple user story that could be a basis for an agile epic:

As a user I want to bet on my favourite team

What pitfalls did you avoid in executing your solution? What financial loss do you believe you saved your client in the process?

Besides the ability to significantly bring Ladbrokes’ Australian product to be in a much better position moving forward from a ux architecture standpoint, I designed it to be implemented quickly with the help of the development architects. If this wasn’t thought about that the same time, I imagine this never would have been completed. That leaving Ladbrokes Australia as only a horse racing betting agent.

What benefits did the client receive from your solution/working with you? In particular, were there financial upsides?

Increased earnings 39% on the previous years key sporting period, the start of NRL and AFL seasons.

How did you improve your client’s business position or outcomes?

Besides the earning incomes we now have structural user flows around the whole of the Sports betting infrastructure. Leaving the door wide open for furthering the product.

After the presentation of the design we decided to add in Next to Go at the Sport level so in this case ‘Soccer’. This was to insure we didn’t miss a segment of users who randomly place bets on anything that catches their eye.  And with the help of the design team’s new pattern library this fit in comfortably at the top in the new tab structure with minimal effort.

Please directly quote or paraphrase anything the client said that describes or compliments your work on this project.

Awaiting reply.