11 Tips for Increasing Ecommerce Conversions

I hear a lot of BS around increasing ecommerce conversions. I always do a lot of research from McKinsey and other companies that provide data mainly around national averages in the USA and then model what will happen in Australia.

Lately one of my favourite clients had been approached by a marketing company to do away with their homepage header and move to a full-screen video takeover of one of their products.

Um, why? I asked to see some data on how this was a good decision. I’m super romantic about my big successes with clients around design.

No good answer was provided. I laughed, followed up with a load of questions for my client. They ceased communications with the marketing company and kept on getting  their successfully AB tested homepage revenue.

Kill the Sliders to Enhance User Engagement

An agency I used to work would add a fee for adding a slider to a site. Basically to appease marketing teams and graphic design teams.

Years gone by since that has happened and I sit through meeting upon meeting of these being phased out. They actually kill engagement and waters down your messaging.

Often I try pushing for a masthead that asks a question around the pain of a potential customer who has landed on your website.

Remove Mouse/Touch Distance to Speed Up Time to Purchase

My article on Nude Beach Australia is evidence. AB testing the width of a responsive website is now the subtle difference between NB and every other sarong company in the country.

At Ladbrokes we are looking to remove the hamburger navigation in full because we feel it isn’t the right experience moving forward. Why? I have narrowed it down to users be coming too familiar with bottom tabs and preferring that much more than moving to a slide in tray far away from easy reach.

Increasing Ecommerce Conversions
RadPad had a significant increase in user engagement once footer tab navigation was implemented.

Build a Dedicated Research Hub to Teach Customers About Your Products

A general blog doesn’t quite cut it in ecommerce. I’ve seen a lot try something basic and it doesn’t really click. Mr Porter utilises a lot of upsell of product in their articles which serves enough, though they have impact images and luxurious copy that go along with the post.

Article content, price, sale price, size blah, blah, brrr… It starts to muddy the waters. They then took it further. In the best possible. They went to simply help a man.

They built guides on shoes, suits, and seasonal outfits. Having a priced product that exceeds the average middle income earner, Mr Porter educated those wanting to step their game up.

Design Events Specific Landers to Focus Specific Products Around Content

I shop a lot of my favourite sporting team equipment online. When the national team ends a run of games I can usually find a sales page with a masthead image with a ‘sale’ sticker plastered in the top corner with my favourite players.

Contextual Gift Pages & Environment Specific Hotspots Improve Engagement

Christmas shopping for family is no more than an attention grab.

Getting a customer to choose a product can be made easy showing models in your products standing in poses in environments contextual to your product on their very own page.

For example Reebok has positioned into CrossFit. My creative would be to have some models go out to a Spartan Race (Reebok Sponsored), get a bit messy and do a shoot on the edge of a forest. You can then hotspot with links to the product pages to the edited images.

You can focus on increasing ecommerce conversions by having contrast of long product listing pages and having these one off landing pages.

Bust Objectives with Buyer Specific Language

People all know about general crap when they shop online, FREE SHIPPING, 4 items left,
The Critical Slide Society actually has qualifiers in their product description copy, assuring buyers that their jackets “comes halfway down the thigh on most guys… tried and tested across the globe and gets a big thumbs up”.

They’re really speaking like an actual retail salesmen. Copy is design and it relates to conversions a lot!

Increasing Ecommerce Conversions

Search is the Qualifier for New Products (and Killing Off Old Products)

In Google Analytics I often have Search Console hooked up to an Enhanced Ecommerce report showing product performance.

This analysis gives me a look into what is happening with Google Search, User Browsing and Internal Site Search. This is the best pivot snapshot I can get of my clients products.

With products like Algolia on the market along with WP Search. Your WooCommerce store is fairly robust with some handy Ajax hooks.

Treat Product Pages as a Landing Page Design

Modern ecommerce product pages don’t help with the sale of a luxurious or unique product.
Now you can build around the general product page and give your designers some fun new ways to implement layout, imagery, colours and typography.

A fantastic way I’ve managed this recently is with Beaver Builder, check out my affiliate link.

Increasing Ecommerce Conversions
via Gorilla360

Pre-Load the Cart When You Only Sell One Product!

Ugh you ever heard me bang on about Franks Coffee Scrub? Yeah have this fun little product in a recycled paper bag that rules! Anyways they load their cart up for you. It reduces down to one click, but you were already ready to purchase it!

Increasing Ecommerce Conversions by Making Checkout Seemless

Incorporate Product Demonstrations is Key to Increasing Ecommerce Conversions

Checkout the good Melbourne folk at Bellroy. Though do cool product GIFs that really resonate with their users.

Interesting creative with purpose. They have clearly gone to the effort to make it look as higher quality as possible. Not super necessary with GIFs.

I once tweeted about their products to a retailer of theirs and they made my joke into a marketing campaign.

‘The Mario Brothers’ Effect Makes Your Customer a Better Version of Themself!

I saved my best tactic for last.

Make certain you are doing this in all of your marketing efforts and you will be miles ahead of your competition. Chet Holmes taught me this same tip in The Ultimate Sales machine, though it’s a bit more vague in comparison. Go buy that book.

Give the user the opportunity to see themselves as a better person having made a transaction with you. Or a better version than themselves.

I call it the ‘Mario Brothers Effect’ because Mario gets fruit and he levels up to the ‘better version of himself’.

Roundup of My Favourite Ecommerce Conversions

There’s plenty of quick takeaways. It’s something I will probably update with a lot more content. It is 11pm at night and I want to work in the morning, hope you find a lot of value in my ramblings.